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AFSCME Workers to Vote on New Agreement

Would End "Exigent Circumstances"

Toledo city workers represented by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local #7 will vote Monday on a new tentative agreement. I

It would end the “exigent circumstances” that has rank-and-file in the city’s largest union rankled to the point they want to end their long-time support of Toledo City Council members who voted in favor of the move to unilaterally impose contract concessions. AFSCME Local #7 represents several hundred clerks, along with street, water, sewer, and other workers.

The Bell administration and AFSCME leaders hammered out a memorandum of understanding late last week that ensures the city budget saves the same amount of money as exigent circumstances would have imposed—nearly $900,000.

The exigent circumstances declaration gave the mayor’s office the authority require all city employees to pay their full 10 percent share of a pension contribution, along with a higher contribution toward their health care costs.

However, AFSCME leaders are considering a vote on a lifetime ban on union endorsements targeting a number of city council members, including Republicans Tom Waniewski, George Sarantou, and Rob Ludeman, and Democrat