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America Speaking Out is Your Chance to be Heard

America Speaks Out

Recognizing the failed policies and agenda of the current Democrat leadership in Congress and the need for new ideas, I was proud to stand with House Republican leadership last week to help launch “America Speaking Out.” This important project returns control of the country’s agenda to the American people by collecting thoughts and ideas from across the country on what issues you believe Congress should be addressing.

America Speaking Out is an interactive project that allows people to submit ideas through the website and comment on other ideas already posted. In addition to the website, House Republicans, including myself, will host town hall meetings over the next several weeks to collect thoughts and ideas in person to be added to the project.

As the project continues through this year, ideas collected could be introduced through legislation this summer and then added to a larger agenda which House Republicans will introduce this fall.

I would encourage all residents of the Fifth District to participate via the America Speaking Out website or join me during my town hall, which will take place on Monday, June 7th at 7:00 P.M. at the Terra Community College Student Activities Center in Fremont to share your ideas.