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Auditing State Agencies and Fostering Small Business

Photo by Dyanna
Photo by Daynna

In my work as mayor of Walton Hills and now as your state representative in Columbus, I know how easy it can be for our state and local governments to squander tax dollars if elected officials are not careful. At the state level, this sort of inefficiency has largely contributed to the $8 billion budget deficit Ohio faces today. Any Ohioan who operates a small business or manages their family’s finances understands the need to manage spending practices. Over the past few years, this attentiveness has not been addressed successfully in the state government, where the taxpayers have not seen their money being used efficiently or effectively.

This General Assembly, my colleagues and I at the Statehouse have pledged our efforts to fix fiscal and budgetary problems of this nature. One such effort is House Bill 2, which was recently passed by the Ohio House with bipartisan support. This legislation instates biennial performance audits of certain state agencies, to be conducted by the Ohio Auditor of State. Requiring these audits will routinely evaluate efficiency of state-funded operations by pinpointing wasteful, unnecessary spending and unproductive performance procedures.

I like to think of audits on state agencies in relation to similar procedures followed in the private sector. Businesses are constantly evaluating their financial situations, searching for any way they can save money while providing the same caliber of goods and services to the public. In this way, successful businesses ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible. Auditing state agencies will eliminate the wasteful spending that inhibits the government from functioning with the same optimal level of efficiency.

With the initiatives put forth in House Bill 2, Ohio’s government will be in the position to save precious tax dollars and implement more cost-effective services for our citizens. Furthermore, putting an end to wasteful government spending will go a long way toward resolving the state budget deficit.

In addition to introducing performance audits, the state legislature has been striving to improve the outlook for Ohio’s small businesses. House Bill 94, along with its companion, Senate Bill 2, will institute a new small business rule review procedure. These bills outline a fresh process of regulatory reform by explaining the role of the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) Office. Established by Governor Kasich, the CSI Office will completely assess old and new business regulations to determine if any have adverse effects on businesses. With this new rule review procedure, businesses will be free from many inconvenient restrictions on their day-to-day operations. In addition, true customer service will be enhanced in all government agencies with responsiveness and sensibility.

In supporting House Bills 2 and 94, I have been working to restructure our government, making it more conducive to Ohio’s financial and economic success. Streamlining government and fostering small business growth are priorities to me this legislative session. As your representative in the 17th House District, I have seen the damage done to our families and communities; therefore I look forward to working to bring prosperity back to our great state on your family’s behalf.


Photo by Daynna