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Auditing State Agencies, Saving for Ohio’s Future

Photo by Ken Wilcox

In every aspect of my life—from parenting to small business ownership—I have continually sought ways to trim wasteful spending so I could save money for the future. I’m sure that your household or your business runs the same way, because this is the not-so-secret to financial success. However, it’s a well-known fact that government does not always follow this same principle, and as we face an $8 billion deficit, it is very important that we make our state spending more accountable.

In the state legislature, we are looking for ways to improve the functioning and efficiency of Ohio’s government. Government agencies often produce duplicative services or run bulky operations. In the public sector, it can be a daunting challenge to identify where money could be saved, yet this effort is especially important for entities that rely on tax dollars to conduct their affairs.

One way to overcome this obstacle is to operate public sector agencies as though they were private sector businesses. To be viable, businesses must eliminate waste and cut out all extraneous operations. This mindset should be carried over into state agencies to save taxpayers’ money and improve the delivery of services.

With this objective in mind, Rep. Peter Stautberg (R-Anderson Twp) introduced House Bill 2 in January as a way to streamline state spending. Originally introduced in March 2009 of the previous General Assembly, this legislation calls for biennial performance audits of certain state agencies. Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost will conduct these performance audits to evaluate the efficiency of state-funded operations. With the information collected by Auditor Yost, our state government can implement the best possible strategies to save tax dollars. In addition, more streamlined government agencies means more accessible services with less red tape and bureaucracy.

With Ohio facing an estimated $8 billion budget deficit, these savings will prove to be especially instrumental to our state’s future. I am optimistic that these audits will provide a significant long-term solution to Ohio’s budgetary problems. By curtailing government waste and promoting the most efficient spending possible, Ohio will enjoy economic benefits and will boast a more productive governing body. Our state agencies exist to serve Ohioans, so they should be structured to make the most of our tax dollars. Conducting performance audits will ensure that this will happen.

We have weathered some difficult times here in Lucas County, but with the recent passage of House Bill 2 from the Ohio House, our state is in the position to restructure its organization, save valuable tax dollars and better serve the people. As state representative of House District 46, your input is vital to my work in Columbus. I am here to serve you and your family, so please do not hesitate to contact my office with suggestions for revitalizing our great state. By sharing your ideas with me, I can ensure that the needs of Lucas County residents are represented in forthcoming legislation.

Starting with House Bill 2, we can work together to ensure a better functioning government and a brighter future for Ohio.


Photo by Ken Wilcox