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Blade Circulation Up

Reading the Newspaper
Photo by Hamed Saber

The latest circulation numbers are in and the Blade is happy to know its numbers are up. In the Editor and Publisher (as well as a bunch of other stories in papers around the country) coverage of the latest 8.74% drop in circulation of newspapers in America is the fact that one of the larger papers to buck this trend is the Toledo Blade. According to Editor and Publisher, the Toledo Blade circulation increased 6.3% to 117,704 while the Morning Call was up 4.77% to 103,845. This is a new trend for the Blade who had been loosing readers for the last few surveys.

One has to wonder if this is just a fluke, fudging or if it is a new trend for the Blade.

One interesting note is the Blade is in the top 25 for E-editions with 22,757

Overall, as news readers continue to migrate to the Internet for their news, print will continue to fall. Some major papers have positive increases in online revenue and this advertising is becoming a more significant part of a paper's profit and loss statement.

I know a lot of people locally will be watching the Blade and what future circulation numbers show. 

Photo by Hamed Saber.


Update 9:30 p.m.: Added Fitz and Jen's E-edition statistics.