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Early Voter Turnout Pathetic at Best

May Primary 2010
Photo by: Chris Myers

Toledo and its surrounding communities have a lot at stake this May primary, but voters so far are showing a collective yawn at the polls.

Early snapshots at popular polling places show a pathetic turnout. At Devilbiss, about a dozen people bothered to cast ballots prior to morning rush hour. Other precincts reported single digits or just a handful of voters.

Lucas County Board of Elections Director Linda Howe optimistically predicts a 25 percent voter turnout. Democratic Party Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler even went further, stating his belief that elections officials would see 30 percent of registered voters.

Based on what’s been seen so far, Lucas County will be lucky to see half of that. Remember, last September’s municipal primary only drew 18 percent of registered voters—and they were choosing the finalists for a new mayor and half of Toledo City Council.

For the first time in a long time, primary voters have contested races to choose within their own parties. Six Democratic Lucas County Commission candidates and three on the Republican side are vying for their party’s nomination.

Two Republicans a