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Fixing the business climate is the economic solution Ohio needs

Chris Myers

As a small business owner, it is disappointing to watch jobs and businesses flee from our state when there are so many ways we can improve the business climate. I know firsthand how a burdensome business climate hinders job creation and economic development, and throughout this General Assembly, I have fought to make Ohio’s business climate more competitive. Unfortunately, due to political gamesmanship, we are still at square one.

Locally, there are more than 26,300 unemployed residents of Lucas County. When I speak with concerned citizens in our community, I am frequently asked what the Ohio House is doing to boost economic development in this recession. Are we providing enough incentives to prospective businesses and entrepreneurs? How are we going to make Ohio competitive with other states?

Ohioans work when small business works, and the good news is that we have the solutions right in front of us, in what the House Republicans have called the “Future of Ohio” jobs package, which would give businesses the boost they need to create jobs. The bad news is that although it has been nearly one year since the “Future of Ohio” jobs package was unveiled to the legislature and the public, partisa