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The Grass Is Always Greener

Grass is always greener
Photo by notfrancois

As I sit here on the rooftop of my LaSalle apartment building, the sun is shining and the light breeze is passing and I have no reason to be upset on this beautiful day, and yet I am.

When I look out at my beautiful city I am fearful.  At the same time, with this fear comes hope and motivation. I think to myself what can I I can possibly to do to help this city move forward; I am just a 26 year old girl working full-time and finishing my degree at the University of Toledo.  I know I have a voice, and I am going to do what I can to be heard. Frankly I am done hearing people complain about our city, and while I understand that it is easy to lose hope when things get tough, I firmly believe the negativity is only further damaging this city.

I understand that unemployment is through the roof, small businesses cannot keep their doors open, and single parents are struggling to provide for their family and put dinner on the table.  It is the truth and it kills me. 

We need to stop the wound now before it gets worse , and it is up to our generation to improve the conditions of this city so when we graduate and look for careers, they are actually available here.  We need to do what we can to re- educate our city so these cutting-edge new businesses will want to relocate to Toledo. 

We need to let our leaders know that we support them one hundred percent on thinking creatively and critically to meet the needs we desire.  Our leaders are at a vital point in Toledo’s history and they can either make us or they can sadly break us. We cannot sit around in lost hope and just expect our government to bail us out of this one. 

We must come together and do what it takes to start immediate improvements, and one way we can do that is by doing the unfavorable. We need to be willing to pay a slight increase in taxes for a short period of time in order to better the long-term future of this city. I understand this may seem impossible to some struggling families, but we must meet in the middle.  The way that things are headed and the way that they remain are not where any of us want to be, but the negativity surrounding change is only further burying us in this mess.

 I am so tired of hearing how horrible Toledo is, how there is nothing to do, and how other cities are so much better.  The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Keep in mind that each city has its own problems, no place is perfect.  I could easily move away to a big city and be a small fish in a big sea- or I could be a part of something that is more meaningful ;  the grassroots movement. Help us  start at the ground and rebuild Toledo.

People tell me time and time again that the one thing Toledo has that other cities lack, is the people. If there is one thing that I continuously hear about what people miss the most when they leave, it is the people.  We are people that are dedicated, hard working and loyal and we cannot forget our strengths at a time when they are needed most.  

If you do desire to move out and explore the world we live in, more power to you. Just don’t  knock Toledo down on your way out.

I strongly believe in the potential of Toledo, and I know we can make this city all that we dream it to be. All we need to do is re-connect to our roots that made us so great in the past, work together as one and be willing to try new things, and we need let go of this looming negative energy.

It’s time to move forward and stop neglecting what we have right in front of us…  Are you in?


Photo by notfrancois