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Judge Decides Against TPPA Request for Temporary Restraining Order

Mayor Says Decision Prevents Police Layoffs

Judge James Jensen decided against a request by the Toledo Police Patrolmans Association seeking a temporary restraining order against the Bell administration in its efforts to impose exigent circumstances. The emergency declaration invoking special powers by the mayor involving dire financial circumstances in city government was approved by Toledo City Council Tuesday night.

The police union had sought to keep Mayor Mike Bell from unilaterally forcing officers to pick up more of their pensions, as well as contribute more toward their health care costs. TPPA members last week rejected contract concessions that were previously negotiated by TPPA leaders and the mayor's office.

Mayor Bell issued a statement Wednesday evening: “The court’s decision today demonstrates that those outside of our system understand the dynamic implications of this issue on our public safety.  I’m relieved that I didn’t have to lay off 125 police officers today.  I respect and appreciate the work our police do and believe it is important to preserve the jobs of those officers in order to protect our community.   While litigation continues, we will move forward with the exigency effective April 1st.”