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Mayor Turns Down Immigration Resolution

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Toledo's mayor did the sensible thing when he broke a tie vote on a non-binding resolution calling on Congress and the president to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Toledo City Council is wasting its time with such trivial matters that won't catch on here in Ohio. Senator Courtney Combs is blowing his conservative stack over proposing a ballot issue here in Ohio similar to the controversial Arizona law.

Even Toledo Latinos are split over the Arizona immigration law-- more than you may think. But both sides of the debate do agree that the federal government is dropping the ball.

It's time for Congress to address the issue-- and local governments to stop telling their federal counterparts to do so. They get it. But they won't touch that wedge issue with a ten-foot pool during a mid-term election. Instead, incumbents will continue to campaign, give a well-rehearsd non-answer on the subject, and let all the various interest groups duke it out in court over the Arizona law. That strategy will at least buy them enough time until the November general election.

Now hopefully Toledo City Council will move on to other, more weighty issues locally-- such as its individual members making good on their campaign promise to make the Glass City a more business-friendly city. We have yet to see ANY of them propose legislation to repeal some of the most nonsensical ordinances that are driving business to the 'burbs. It appears lip service wins yet again.