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Ohio Military Family Month

Remember Troops
Photo by U.S Army

There are only a handful of days throughout the year that we honor the sacrifices of our servicemen and women, with barely any time devoted to their families. As these brave heroes give their lives to maintain our freedom, we should take more time to also honor the commitment that their families make back home. Ohio has the sixth largest veteran population in the entire nation, and for this reason, the legislature designated August as Ohio Military Family Month to thank the husbands, wives and children in our state with family members who are serving overseas.

Ohio Military Family Month calls us to not only remember the sacrifices members of our Armed Forces make, but to also remember the sacrifices their families make as well. When our servicemen and women are sent overseas to protect our liberties, their spouses, parents, children, and close friends back home must navigate their daily lives without the ones they love most. Imagine the extra burdens on these families and their constant worry for the safety of their loved ones.

This upcoming August, take time to remember the sacrifices of our Armed Forces and their families. Consider reaching out to neighbors who have a family member serving overseas. This is a struggle we are all in together; we cannot forget our bond as a community.

While Ohio Military Family Month is one way to honor these noble sacrifices, Ohio and our nation still need a way to honor those