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Ohio Small Business Resource Center

Boxes of Resources
Photo by loop_oh

In today’s fast-paced world, the most successful businesses are those that take advantage of every available resource. To achieve a competitive edge, Ohio’s small businesses need to be aware of the resources available to them through their state government. Ohio is at a crossroads when it comes to business growth and job creation, and our economic prosperity largely hinges on the success of our small businesses.

Here in the state legislature, my colleagues and I are actively looking for ways to foster business development and expansion. Sometimes, this can be as simple as consolidating and organizing existing government resources. To this end, in the previous General Assembly, Representative Peter Stautberg and I introduced legislation that would create a small business resource center on the Ohio Department of Development’s website.

Voices from the small business community came to us with this idea, citing the difficulty they had in finding information relevant to their field of work. As a small business owner for more than 30 years, I know first-hand the frustration that comes with trying to understand government requirements, permits and licenses. In addition, many small business owners are not even aware of the many government opportunities and incentives open to them. There is a clear need for a simple, user-friendly resource that addresses thes