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Is Rich Iott really that toxic?

Photo by maticulous

Michael Miller’s recent editorial calling for Iott to bow out of the District 9 US House Race caught me by surprise. He is the editor–in–chief of the only local paper I can stand to read. It made me think, is Iott that toxic from one photo and some less than stellar media performance? Can a picture make that much difference? The answer is, yes it can. Think about Dukakis and the tank, Gary Hart and Donna Rice.

Is Rich Iott toxic now? Yes and No

Yes he is, to the main stream media and those who get their news and opinion from the likes of CNN, Keith Olbermann, New York Times and the Blade. Nothing is sexier to the MSM than a conservative they can call a NAZI; they will run it and keep running it until they find another conservative to stick a knife into. So yes, to the media elites and those that live on the coasts, Iott is toxic. But so what?

Do Anderson Cooper, the Atlantic, CNN, Olbermann really care about what happens in the 9th district? Does it impact their lives? Their jobs? Their taxes? No. All they care about is that they can call a conservative a NAZI, and plaster the picture everywhere. Rush calls them the "drive by media", and this is why. They come in, fire the shots and then drive off to the next story. To hell with the collateral damage.

No, Iott is not toxic to those that care about things other than what the media thinks of us. We are conservatives and we are used to the media calling us names. Those of us that live in Northwest Ohio understand that what really brings shame and embarrassment to us is Ms. Kaptur.

Some of Ms. Kaptur’s greatest hits.

1. On the earmark ban to for profit companies, “ The ban struck a balance between retaining a role for the legislative branch in funding while eliminating any potential for abuse” Then the next day she encourages her donor’s to set up “non” profits to so that she can funnel earmarks their way.

2. There was the time she compared Osama Bin Laden to the founding fathers.

3. Her cameo role in Michael Moore’s anti-capitalist film.

4. Her vote for the Cap and Trade Bill that will destroy Ohio’s economy.

5. Her Yea vote for the Government takeover of health Care.

She votes for the auto bailout but against TARP. Either you favor bailouts or you don’t, which is it? What are Ms. Kaptur principles? Or do her principles depend on who contributes to her? See Ms. Kaptur is bought and paid for by the unions. So, is that why she voted for the Auto bailout as opposed to others? Principles matter and hers stink of pay for play politics.

It seems to me, that Ms. Kaptur is a much bigger embarrassment to Northwest Ohio than a hundred pictures of Iott dressing up as a Nazi.

That being said, I don’t think that the Iott campaign has handled the media scrutiny very well, for goodness sake what was that interview with Anderson Cooper? You come off as appearing to be defending these butchers!

Since the first Children of Liberty meeting I have been saying that the paradigm is shifting; that we can never go back to the way we were. So we have a choice to make. Do we accept the status quo, or do we change the paradigm. Do we cower in the corner as the drive by media comes in or do we stand up and say no more to CNN, Olbermann, Blade. They don’t have to live here and suffer the consequence of Ms. Kaptur.

They expect us to cower and go away, because that is what we have always done. It is gut check time! So do we stand up for conservative ideas, or do we fold at the first sign of the drive by’s?

The choice is yours to make, but understand the choice you make will affect your children, grandchildren and all of Northwest Ohio.

I respect Michael Miller and the work that the Toledo Free Press does, but I disagree that Iott could embarrass NW Ohio even half as much as Ms. Kaptur has for 28 years. The media storm will pass, and once the drive by’s move on we will be left to assess the collateral damage, and that damage could be the Constitution and our Liberties.

Photo by maticulous