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Solutions to Ohio’s Job Deficit

Photo by Psaiki

As we near the end of 2010, Ohio’s suffering job market continues to brew economic turmoil across the state. A burdensome business climate that has stunted Ohio’s economic growth has prevented our state from regaining its footing. As your voice in the Statehouse, I have worked to fix Ohio’s difficult business climate through pragmatic economic reforms—specifically by fighting to make our government more accountable and responsible.

Repairing Ohio’s job market is key to boosting economic growth and improving the quality of life not just in Huron, Seneca and Lorain counties, but statewide as well. As your state representative, I am actively promoting ways to fix this situation that is putting jobs, our families and our community at risk. To help revitalize Ohio’s economy, I have continued to support the “Future of Ohio” jobs package since its unveiling one year ago. This collection of ten bills aims to spur job creation and foster a healthier business climate, which together would explore the roots of Ohio’s economic problems and implement measures to grow our job market and attract businesses to our state.

One “Future of Ohio” bill would ensure that small businesses do not drown under layers of rules and regulations. Small businesses are invaluable to Ohio’s job market because they employ many citizens, while providing goods and services for all Ohioans. Therefore, it is important that the government encourage, not impede, their prosperity and ability to create jobs. House Bill 311 would explore regulatory reforms for small businesses to help encourage their success. Specifically, it would require a rule-making agency to analyze how proposed rules may affect small businesses. It would also create the Ohio Small Business Ombudsperson who would help small business owners resolve problems in complying with regulations. This legislation builds upon the knowledge that when small businesses grow and succeed, so does our job market and economy.

House Bill 337 is another “Future of Ohio” bill that I introduced along with Rep. Nan Baker (R- Westlake). This legislation addresses the source of Ohio’s economic difficulties by analyzing why so many companies have left our state so we can do more to retain them. HB 337 would require the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) to assemble a report of companies that have left Ohio. In addition, ODOD would draft a questionnaire for these companies that would examine their reasons for leaving. With this information from business leaders, my colleagues and I in the Ohio House would have insight to reverse this trend of company exodus and take steps to restore businesses’ faith in our state.

Ohio is in desperate need of legislation like House Bills 311 and 337 and the rest of the “Future of Ohio” jobs package. The state of our job market should be a top priority for the entire Ohio House, but unfortunately, none of the “Future of Ohio” proposals have received a vote on the House floor. As your voice in the Statehouse, I will continue to advocate for the “Future of Ohio” jobs bills when the House reconvenes in the fall. It is my hope that the legislature can overcome partisan politics and together endorse these innovative measures to create the jobs Ohioans need.


Photo by Psaiki