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A Special Thank You this Memorial Day

Remember our fallen
Chris Myers

I have not served in the armed forces, but today is a day which we can all take a moment to express our appreciation for those who did serve and gave their life for our country. Memorial day is observed on the last Monday of May every year and commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service.

You may or may not know someone who served in the armed forces or gave their life in service to our country. Hopefully you got out to one of the services throughout the area over the weekend. If you did not have an opportunity to make it out, one thing that you can do is say a little prayer for those who are currently serving across the globe. I personally want to thank those who have served in the past or are currently serving. I am sure there are many others in America who are also appreciative of your service and may not have time to get out to show it. From all of us, thank you.