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Over the past year, Congress conducted an extensive debate on health care reform.

Like many of you, I am concerned about the America that our children will inherit. Will they still be able to achieve the same quality of life and enjoy the freedoms that our generation has been fortunate enough to enjoy? 

Ohio has one of the worst tax rates in the entire nation, and the loss of thousands of businesses and families is evidence of that fact. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Toledo area has lost nearly 13,000 jobs since the beginning of this General Assembly. Both our state and our community are hemorrhaging jobs and businesses, and one of my top priorities in the Statehouse continues to be improving the business climate and easing the burden on taxpayers.

Well TPS, welcome to the club as you have put all urban schools in a flux for years. With both Scott and Libbey allowed to deteriorate over the last 10 years, what did you expect to happen? 

As I sit here on the rooftop of my LaSalle apartment building, the sun is shining and the light breeze is passing and I have no reason to be upset on this beautiful day, and yet I am. When I look out at my beautiful city I am fearful.  At the same time, with this fear comes hope and motivation.

What if?

Always a big question facing the future of families, even the health of entire households.