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Comedian Rodney Dangerfield always quipped that he understands why animals eat their young, after observing some of the antics of children.

But veteran Lucas County Democrats are the ones eating their young in the closing days of the political campaigns leading up to Tuesday’s May primary.

Ohio has one of the worst tax rates in the entire nation, and the loss of thousands of businesses and families is evidence of that fact. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Toledo area has lost nearly 13,000 jobs since the beginning of this General Assembly. Both our state and our community are hemorrhaging jobs and businesses, and one of my top priorities in the Statehouse continues to be improving the business climate and easing the burden on taxpayers.

One wing of the Lucas County Republican Party is trying to vote absentee en masse-- but the reason behind the effort is unclear.

There are some interesting developments in recent days coming out of Columbus regarding how the Ohio Republican Party is handling the ongoing dispute over the leadership of the Lucas County GOP.

Judge James Jensen decided against a request by the Toledo Police Patrolmans Association seeking a temporary restraining order against the Bell administration in its efforts to impose exigent circumstances and force union contract concessions.

Toledo City Council received a severe rebuke from Mayor Mike Bell in a written memo released Monday. He warned that city council’s failure to pass a balanced budget in time would affect his administration’s ability to pay municipal employees beyond April 1. Mayor Bell also cautioned that “continued inaction” would shut down city operations, including police and fire.

Toledo Police are looking at 20 percent of its ranks reduced in about a month, if layoff notices go out again Monday as Mayor Mike Bell has publicly mentioned.

 Many of us are familiar with the $64,000 question.

Toledo’s version is a bit more serious: the $78 million question. That’s the combined deficit of Toledo city government ($48 million) and Toledo Public Schools ($30 million).


What if?

Always a big question facing the future of families, even the health of entire households.