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On the surface, the concept presented by TPS Board President Vasquez for an independent review of TPS seems appropriate and needed. 

Editor's Note-- Please pardon me if this appears a little self-indulgent.  I wrote this column four years ago for a blogsite and the Toledo Free Press. It's as relevant today as it was then. My father turns 79 years young Tuesday, the same week as Father's Day. He and my mom also mark 54 years of marriage next week. Happy birthday and Father's Day, Dad-- and thank you for all the lessons you have taught and showed me.

Read the live coverage of the Lucas GOP Central Committee Meeting

In 1981 when MTV debuted, they played "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles as a way to show how things were about to change with the new video music format.

The ongoing dialogue about “transformational change” at all levels of local government leave this author wondering if we need to revive a long-defunct community resource to help lead these discussions to a new level of activity: The Corporation for Effective Government (CEG).

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) visited the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center to discuss efforts to combat Asian Carp. Brown was joined by Carol A. Stepien, Director of the Lake Erie Research Center who conducts research on invasive species, and Don McGee, a charter boat operator. 

While Lucas County Commissioners debate competing plans to change the form of county government, county auditor Anita Lopez has proposed sweeping reform of her own that could potentially affect all of Ohio’s 88 counties.

TARTA's sales tax efforts had its tires flattened by a no vote among Sylvania Township Trustees. But the transit agency's member communities could give its leaders a road map to reform by voting anyway on the tax proposal.

The two competing plans to pursue a possible new form of Lucas County government are certainly good fodder for political debate and discussion. But let’s just wait one more month before deciding on a course of action. Rest assured there are good reasons why.

Recognizing the failed policies and agenda of the current Democrat leadership in Congress and the need for new ideas, I was proud to stand with House Republican leadership last week to help launch “America Speaking Out.”

Ohio has a wealth of bright, talented students, but due to our burdensome tax rates and poor business environment, our state has trouble holding on to our most promising individuals. 

I have not served in the armed forces, but today is a day which we can all take a moment to express our appreciation for those who did serve and gave their life for our country.

New data released Monday shows that the administration’smortgage modification program continues to be plagued by delays and disappointment for hundreds of thousands of homeowners.

Toledoans will see their recently-increased monthly trash fee drop to $10. But there's a concept in the works which could eventually eliminate it entirely.

Toledo City Councilman Mike Collins calls it a simple matter of fairness. That’s why he’ll introduce legislation later today to restore the city-funded 10 percent pension pickup for non-union municipal employees who also were affected by council’s declaration of exigent circumstances in late March.

Members of the Toledo Police Patrolmans Association Monday ratified a tentative deal reached with the Bell administration that restores their city-funded pension pickup for the remainder of the year and ends a declaration of “exigent circumstances” approved by city council in late March.

Bulldogs, Here we go again. You will notice that there is a front page article in the Blade, April 24th concerning how the Toledo Board of Education and schools officials deal unfairly with the African-American community from the prospective of the president of the Urban League.

Toledo's mayor suggests letting voters decide in November whether to continue expensive pickups for unionized municipal employees. But a local labor attorney says such a referendum violates state law.

Over the past year, Congress conducted an extensive debate on health care reform.

Property liens still a problem on unpaid water and sewer bills when it comes to real estate transactions in Toledo.

The 24-year old singer/songwriter/musician is headed here to entertain the hometown faithful who vote for her each week on the reality TV talent show American Idol.

Voters seeking property tax relief later this year with a proposal to switch TARTA to a sales tax in November may find themselves paying the freight on both fronts in 2011.

They laugh with us, cry with us, always there for us.

They're always proud of us, always worry for us, always sacrifice for us.

With the two-year statute of limitations approaching quickly former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann pleaded guilty Friday to a pair of misdemeanor ethics charges.