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The voters have spoken, although in a small, squeaky voice.

Early returns show voter turnout for the May Primary is pathetic at best. Please do your part to do something about that.

Toledo attorney Jeff Simpson leveled some pretty serious charges against some rival candidates for the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee, yet we have yet to see their names in print or broadcast. That is, until now.

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield always quipped that he understands why animals eat their young, after observing some of the antics of children.

But veteran Lucas County Democrats are the ones eating their young in the closing days of the political campaigns leading up to Tuesday’s May primary.

In the past few weeks a variety of organizations representing diverse views have taken a stance against Issue 3 and recommend a NO vote on May 4th.

Interesting. After further analysis of the circulation numbers, the Toledo Blade paid circulation is actually down.

For those of you keeping up on the local green energy front, First Solar had several pieces of positive news today.

The latest circulation numbers are in and the Blade is happy to know its numbers are up. In the Editor and Publisher coverage of the latest 8.74% drop in circulation of newspapers in America is the fact that one of the larger papers to buck this trend is theToledo Blade.

There are other ways of looking at the state of Northwest Ohio’s economy other than the latest monthly unemployment figures or where Toledo ranks in the latest national survey on job creation or some other benchmark.

Count the Greater Toledo Urban League among the groups formally opposing Issue 3, an income tax levy being promoted by Toledo Public Schools leaders on the May 4th ballot.

Toledo’s two unions representing police officers are united men and women in blue who have chosen to battle the Bell  administration over “exigent circumstances.”

Ohio has one of the worst tax rates in the entire nation, and the loss of thousands of businesses and families is evidence of that fact. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Toledo area has lost nearly 13,000 jobs since the beginning of this General Assembly. Both our state and our community are hemorrhaging jobs and businesses, and one of my top priorities in the Statehouse continues to be improving the business climate and easing the burden on taxpayers.

One wing of the Lucas County Republican Party is trying to vote absentee en masse-- but the reason behind the effort is unclear.

There are some interesting developments in recent days coming out of Columbus regarding how the Ohio Republican Party is handling the ongoing dispute over the leadership of the Lucas County GOP.

Toledo city workers represented by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local #7 will vote Monday on a new tentative agreement.

The federal government’s official head count is always labeled as important—but the 2010 Census may have more at stake for Northwest Ohio than people realize.

The Port of Toledo is about to put to work $35 million worth of state and federal money, in hopes of one day putting more people to work by shipping cargo via rail, truck, and ship.

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell is seeking a cure to the police department’s “blue flu” before it becomes an epidemic.

Well TPS, welcome to the club as you have put all urban schools in a flux for years. With both Scott and Libbey allowed to deteriorate over the last 10 years, what did you expect to happen? 

Toledo police take an oath to “protect and serve” the public.

But there are some who believe nearly 50 officers who called off sick Monday night and Tuesday morning instead changed that oath to “protect and serve their own self-interests.”

Toledoans for Public Trust held an introductory news conference Monday, to announce the group's formation and formal opposition to the proposed Toledo Public Schools 0.75 percent income tax levy on the May 4 ballot.

There is a new device available today and maybe you have heard of it. It is called the iPad by Apple Computer Inc. In a nutshell it is a tablet and/or a personal digital assistant (PDA) type device

Libbey High School students will spend their spring break knowing they can stay another year at their school and possibly graduate from there.

As I sit here on the rooftop of my LaSalle apartment building, the sun is shining and the light breeze is passing and I have no reason to be upset on this beautiful day, and yet I am. When I look out at my beautiful city I am fearful.  At the same time, with this fear comes hope and motivation.