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Republican Primary Debate for Lucas County Commissioner Candidates

The Children of Liberty sponsors a Republican Debate for Lucas County Commissioner

TOLEDO, Ohio – March 31, 2010 – The Children of Liberty announced today that they will host a debate between Republican Primary candidates for the vacant Lucas County Commissioner seat, currently held by Mr. Ben Konop. 

The debate underscores the commitment of The Children of Liberty to bring pertinent information to the voting public, so that in May, Republican voters can make the most informed decision at the polls.  Candidates George Sarantou, (current Toledo City, Councilman), Andy Glenn (current Springfield Township Trustee), and Dan Dan Steingraber (east Toledo business owner) will participate in the debate.  Questions gathered from local community, businesses, and media sources as well as members of The Children of Liberty will be asked of the candidates.  There will be one half our of audience questions when the formal debate is completed.

“Having had a successful debate between Republican candidates in the 9th Congressional District, our members and others in the community indicated that the information each candidate presented was valuable,” said Scott Allegrini, founder of the Children of Liberty.  He continued, “The goal of the Children of Liberty has always been to inform and educate the electorate, and we feel these debates are an important part of that goal.”

Given the current climate of the economy and lack of jobs, both in Lucas County and the cities, townships and villages within it, this election for Lucas County commissioner is vital.  Lucas County has great potential, and the biggest question business owners, community organizations and residents have is “will we ever realize that potential?”  The questions will revolve around the current condition of Lucas County, the lack of jobs and the “out of the box and forward thinking” ideas that each candidate might bring to the table. 

While there are no Libertarian or Independent candidates running for Lucas County commissioner, there are several Democrats running for the seat as well.  The Children of Liberty will not be endorsing any candidate.  “Some may ask why we have not hosted a Democratic or Libertarian primary debate, but we feel that in most cases, events like this would be incumbent on the party itself.  In this case, the Lucas County Republican Party is struggling and we are looking to provide support for Republican candidates that do not have clear party leadership in place, and offer them opportunities to publicly present themselves.”  Allegrini continued, “Once the primary is completed, we will look to have debates between all candidates in all parties.”

This debate is intended to give the candidates a forum to present themselves to those declared Republicans voting in May.  All voters residing in Lucas County are encouraged to attend.

The doors will open to the public at 6:00pm and the Lucas County Commissioner Republican Primary Debate will begin at 6:30pm on Monday, April 5, 2010 at The Toledo Lucas County Public Library, Sylvania Branch. (6749 Monroe, Sylvania, OH).  Seating is limited to the first 100 people. 

The Children of Liberty believes is the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, Constitutional integrity, Natural law and respect for life.  A non-partisan patriot group, The Children of Liberty includes over 700 liberty-loving members.  The Children of Liberty is also a part of the Ohio Liberty Council and the northwest Ohio Patriot Coalition.  Additional information is available on The Children of Liberty’s website at