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Toledoans for Public Trust Launches TPS Levy Opposition Campaign

Toledoans for Public Trust (TPT) will launch an aggressive, grass roots, fact-based campaign to oppose the Toledo Public Schools 0.75 percent income tax levy outside the Lucas County Early Voting Center on Monday, April 5 at 11 a.m, 1302 Washington St..

Passage of the TPS levy would drive Toledo’s income tax rate to three percent. Combined with Toledo City Council’s recent decision to increase the monthly trash fee to $15 and lowering the tax credit for city residents who work in the suburbs, the TPS levy would place an undue burden on working Toledo families who already are struggling to survive.


“This income tax levy is simply the wrong tax at the wrong time,” said Steven Flagg, one of the founders of Toledoans for Public Trust, a new, local political action committee.

“The TPS board of education and district administrators have a long history of managing from crisis to crisis, without taking a hard look at long-term costs savings, restructuring the district in ways that make sense, and doing what’s best for the community. Now they are asking Toledoans to take more out of their pockets to continue to fund inept and ineffective TPS operations rather than taking the necessary steps to enact systemic reforms,” Flagg added

This positive campaign will highlight ways TPS can find costs savings, both short and long term, necessary to avoid budget cuts to successful programs. More information can be found at the group’s website: