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Commissioner Candidate Holds Press Conference 4/15/2010, 3pm

Commissioner Candidate Tim Porter Recommends Centralized 911 Dispatchers


Sylvania, Ohio. Tim Porter, Democrat, announces that he will hold a press conference to recommend the centralization of 911 dispatchers.


Date:         Thursday, April 15, 2010


Time:         3:00 p.m.


Place:        One Government Center (front steps)

                  640 Jackson Street

                  Toledo, Ohio


The media is respectfully requested to be present.


Porter will present his four-point plan, in further detail, regarding the benefits of centralized 911 dispatchers:


  1. Eliminate duplication
  2. Coordinate emergency responses
  3. Eliminate multiple facilities
  4. Reduce administrative overhead

Remarks delivered at press conference: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 3:00 p.m., in front of One Government Center, Toledo, Ohio.




Hi, I am Tim Porter. I’m a Democrat and I’m running for Lucas County Commissioner. I am an administrator, not a politician. I’m running because I want to serve everyone in Lucas County. I intend to be as prudent with your tax dollars as I am with my campaign finances.

I’m here today to talk about an initiative that will address a safety concern but will also be financially responsible

We need to centralize not privatize 911 dispatchers. Presently, there are seven separate dispatcher units in Lucas County. These can and should be combined into one facility. All 911 calls would be routed to the same room in the same building, and this one location would coordinate first responders.

This centralization of 911 dispatchers would coordinate emergency responses and eliminate duplication if multiple calls were received about the same situation. Also, it would eliminate multiple facilities and reduce administrative overhead experienced by the seven separate entities throughout Lucas County.
This proposal does not eliminate any dispatcher positions. Even though it should result in some cost reductions, it is primarily an efficiency issue.

There are always obstacles when making this type of change, but they can be overcome with leadership. I have a proven background as a leader, and I will provide that leadership.

My name is Tim Porter and I appreciate your support on May 4, the Primary Election.

Thank you.