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Toledo Sister Cities Partnership between Toledo Hospital and Qinhuangdao First Hospital.


One of the successful collaborative projects organized by the Toledo Sister Cities International (TSCI) is a recent development and implementation of the partnership between Qinhuangdao First Hospital, China and the Toledo Hospital, USA. According to Dr. Kevin Webb, President of the Toledo Hospital, the primary purpose of this agreement is to “encourage direct contact and medical cooperation between medical staff members, departments, and hospitals,” including “collaboration and exchange of medical staff members for training, research, lectures, discussions, visits, and/or other professional activities related to hospitals. “ As a result of this partnership agreement, Dr. Qiang Tan (see a picture attached), a well‐respected cardiologist from Qinhuangdao First Hospital arrived in Toledo in early April 2010 for six months of clinical and medical observation in the Toledo area. “This is an exemplary collaboration between the two hospitals, and it’s an eye‐opening experience for me,” said Dr. Tan.

Dr. Kevin Webb, President of the Toledo Hospital, Dr. Richard Munk, former President of the Medical Staff of Toledo Children’s Hospital, Mr. Hans Ersepke, President of the Toledo Sister Cities International Board, and Dr. Yueh‐Ting Lee and Dr. Guangzhong Chen (Co‐Chairs of the China‐Qinhuangdao Committee) have been instrumental in the development and implementation of this partnership. The China‐Qinhuangdao Committee and other Chinese communities are also very supportive of this initiative.

The Toledo Hospital is northwest Ohio’s largest acute‐care facility with approximately 700 beds. Qinhuangdao First Hospital is a municipal health facility with 1000 beds. Both hospitals have much in common and a great potential to collaborate. To facilitate the relationship between the two hospitals, the City Government Office of Qinhuangdao and Qinhuangdao First Hospital have extended their invitation to the Toledo Hospital administrative and medical staff members to visit our sister city Qinhuangdao in China and Qinhuangdao First Hospital.

As one of nine Toledo sister cities in the world, Qinhuangdao in China is a port city located just northeast of Beijing. Since the Sister City relationship was established in 1985, China‐Qinhuangdao Committee has been in constant collaboration with Toledo, working in a concerted effort to advance cultural, educational, medical, and economic exchange.