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Red Light Camera Violations Collection Blitz to Begin May 1

Citizens can avoid the inconvenience by paying red light fines before end of April

The City of Toledo will begin a targeted enforcement of the red light camera fines on May 1 as part of an effort to boost compliance and collect the outstanding citations that have not been paid.

The Bell Administration proposed and City Council has enacted legislation permitting Toledo Police to immobilize or tow vehicles that have two or more unpaid red light camera citations.

The targeted enforcement will begin on May 1 and will last until June 30. The city was able to negotiate with Red Flex, the camera vendor, a greater percentage of receipts from the total collections due to the increase in city efforts.

Vehicles that are immobilized or towed must pay all outstanding citations before vehicles can be retrieved. Additionally, there will be fees for towing, removing boots and storage of the vehicle. Those with outstanding citations can still avoid the inconvenience by paying their fines before the end of April or by arranging a payment plan for fines that have been sent to collection.

To pay a fine, vehicle owners can contact Red Flex at 1-877-847-2338. The City of Toledo does not accept collection on red light camera violations. For more information about the collection efforts, please contact Chief Michael Navarre’s office at 419-245-3200.