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The Census Numbers Are In: Ohio Beats National Average by 4%

Ohio’s near the top with a 76% return rate

COLUMBUS, OH – At 76%, Ohio’s mail return rate for the 2010 Census is tied for 6th best in the Nation. The national average climbed to just over 72%. That is the same rate achieved in 2000. Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce said this is a significant achievement for Ohio.

“A strong mail-back participation rate demonstrates that Ohioans strongly supported the 2010 Census,” said Treasurer Boyce, Chair of the Ohio Complete Count Committee. “This response will save taxpayers money by reducing the number of door-to-door follow-ups from Census Takers at households that didn’t return a form in the mail.”

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the door-to-door campaign will cost taxpayers $57 per household.

In the end, two Ohio cities finished among the nation’s top 50 in participation. Ohio’s nationally ranked cities include Green Township (west of Cincinnati) with 86% and Mentor (east of Cleveland) with an 82% return rate. Three other states are tied with Ohio at 76%.

Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said today that the second mailing of Census replacement forms had a big impact on increasing return rates. Groves said the second mailing blanketed areas with medium to minimal response in 2000. He also pointed to the change in the Census form for the high rate of return.

“The short form reduced the burden on the American public and they responded,” said Groves.

Census data determines how more than $400 billion in federal funds will be distributed across the nation for critical community services.

“For those Ohioans that have not been counted in the 2010 Census, this is your moment to make a difference,” said Treasurer Boyce. “We urge each resident to cooperate with the Census Takers that come to your home as they work to count every person in Ohio.”

The effort to count every Ohioan will continue on Saturday, May 1, with Census Takers visiting households that did not return a Census form in the mail. The Census Takers will ask residents to complete the questionnaire face-to-face. All Census workers carry official government badges marked with their name. Residents may ask for a picture ID from another source to confirm their identity. In addition, some Census workers might carry a bag with a ‘U. S. Census Worker’ logo. Residents may call the Regional Census Center if they still are not certain about the Census Takers identity. That phone number is (313) 396-5200.