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Elmhurst Elementary New Baseball Field Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Elmhurst Elementary (TPS School) announces the opening ceremony of our new baseball field. The ceremony is taking place on Friday May 14 at 2:00 PM. The baseball field is a accumulation of the efforts of the Elmhurst students, parents, and PTA. Elmhurst Elementary was rebuilt and opened in the fall of 2008. The rebuilding program did not include replacing the baseball field taken away for the new school building so the Elmhurst School community stepped in. Through the fundraising efforts of our school children and parents, we were able to raise the money needed to have our baseball field rebuilt. During our ribbon cutting ceremony, we will be recognizing the efforts of our student and parent fundraising, PTA coordination, and the efforts of everyone involved in making the field a reality.


We would appreciate the media’s attention to show what can be accomplished when the parents and students get involved with the TPS system to get a baseball practice field that the TPS budget did not allow.    


The baseball field will be dedicated to Coach Jim Cherry a long time sports coach of Elmhurst Elementary.


Expected Attendance:

Elmhurst Staff & Students

Elmhurst PTA

City Council Members

TPS Board Members