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Iott for Congress 2010 Statement on June Employment Report

Statement from Rich Iott, Candidate for Ohio's 9th Congressional District, on the June employment report:

Despite the claims of President Obama and other Democrats, the June unemployment report is proof that their tax-and-spend policies and the so-called 'stimulus' are the wrong approach to fixing our economy.

Figures show that the U.S. lost 125,000 jobs in June, more than was expected by economists. And while Democrats are touting a slight decline in the unemployment rate from 9.7% to 9.5%, that blip is a result of people dropping out of the labor market - not an indication of any improvement in the economy.

There is nothing to celebrate with these unemployment numbers and career politicians who try to spin them as positive should be ashamed.

As we've seen with the Census workers, government can't create the types of jobs that lead to real growth. Only the private sector can provide the jobs that result in true economic prosperity.

Our current representative from the 9th District is surprisingly silent on the failure of these polices to do what they promised. In fact, eight months ago, she helped form the Congressional Jobs Now Caucus. As co-chair of that group, she promised that she'd solicit the best ideas for job creation 'from the bottom up.'

But despite her claim to not 'rely upon top-down solutions' from Washington, that's exactly what she's done with her vote in favor of the Health Care Bill, her vote in favor of Cap-and-Trade, and her support of numerous other initiatives that ignore market realities and ignore the wishes of the majority of her constituents.

Congress needs people who understand how the private sector works and what business owners need in order to be profitable and grow, thus providing more employment opportunities.

This is why I am running for Congress. I have the strong business experience - and the lessons from that experience - that is needed in Washington. I have created jobs and I've helped others create jobs. I have the common sense that is so lacking in the decisions we've been getting from our government.

I know that taxing and spending, borrowing without the ability to repay, and blaming our problems on past administrations is not going to put our nation back on the right path. We have got to bring some common-sense, real-world thinking to Congress, or we will all suffer for many years to come.