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Mickey Finn’s Pub Entertainment Calendar: Live Bands

Every Wednesday is Open Mic night, 8pm

Monday, July 5, 9pm
Pepper Rabbit with Candy Claws, Great Uncle (indie rock)

Wednesday, July 5, 9pm
Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (visual performance, soul-infused rock) with The Eskalators, Liquid Soap

Friday, July 9, 9pm
America’s Delusional Dream with Great Lakes Crew (hip hop)

Saturday, July 10, 9pm
Mike Scott + More (indie rock)

Wednesday, July 14, 9pm
Flo Like Us, Arobaphobics, Drawstring (electro, indie)

Thursday, July 15, 9pm
Pink Toast Band (electro)

Friday, July 16, 9pm
Beach Fossils with Clovers, The Forest (indie rock)

Tuesday, July 20, 9pm
Heartless Bastards with Builders and the Butchers, Peter Wolf Crier (indie rock)

Friday, July 23, 9pm
Pharaoh’s Eye with Crayons, Texas Peter and the Revolutions (rock)

Saturday, July 24, 9pm
Lao Tizer Band featuring Jeff Kohlman (funk/jazz)

Thursday, July 29, 9pm
Echo Hill (rock)

Friday, July 30, 9pm
All Dinosaurs (punk/rock)

Saturday, July 31, 9pm
Miracle Vitamins, ex. A Million Engines in Neutral (indie rock)

Tickets can be purchased at and at the door.