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Economic Straight Talk Drives Discussion on Jobs Creation Package

Lawmakers: It’s All About Jobs!

WESTLAKE, OH- A crowded room conversed for more than two hours yesterday on how lawmakers and members of the business community need to proceed, with the “Future of Ohio” jobs package, legislation aimed to get Ohioans back to work.

“The state loses $1,422 for each Ohioan who loses their job, plus the increased cost in social services needed to assist an unemployed Ohioan. It is vital that we focus on job retention and growth while fostering our small business community,” said Rep. Nan Baker (R-Westlake), who championed this legislative effort. “The recession’s toll on Ohio demands a swift answer from policy makers, and I firmly believe that this package is a necessary step to make Ohio a more business-friendly state. As I continue to say, ‘It’s all about jobs!’”

This 10-bill package of legislation consists of a broad span of initiatives that will create jobs, retain college graduates and foster economic growth. The tax reforms contained within the package will make Ohio a more financially attractive place for its workforce and the businesses that employ them. Ohio lost 200,000 jobs in 2009 alone due to the exodus of businesses to other states.

“Ohio’s economic climate is not appealing to businesses across the country looking to expand or relocate to our state,” said House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder (R-Medina). “For more than 18 months, Ohio has reported substantially higher unemployment numbers than the nation as a whole. We cannot hope to remedy this situation without concrete efforts to create a positive business perception.”

Currently, Forbes Magazine ranks Ohio 47th in the nation for prospective job creation, income growth, venture capital investments and business openings.

“A healthy economy means increased job opportu