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Iott Statement on Kaptur's 'Porker of the Month' Award

Yesterday, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named our representative, Marcy Kaptur, their July 'Porker of the Month' for "gaming the House Democrats' prohibition on awarding earmarks to for-profit companies and wasting taxpayers' money.'

Rich Iott, candidate for Ohio's 9th Congressional District, issued the following statement upon learning that the Washington-based public interest group Citizens Against Government Waste had named Rep. Marcy Kaptur their July 'Porker of the Month':

"CAGW President Tom Schatz said that 'it appears that from Day One, Rep. Kaptur intended to trample all over the new ban on for-profit earmarks. This is the essence of pay-to-play political patronage," and I couldn't agree more. Despite the spin Rep. Kaptur has tried to put on her actions, 'pay-to-play' is nothing to be proud of. She continues to claim that her pork projects 'create jobs' but nothing could be further from the truth. As a Harvard study recently showed, instead of creating jobs, wasteful pork spending from Washington actually inhibits investment by the private sector which, in turn, leads to a decrease in job growth.

"Judging by Representative Kaptur's example, the only thing these earmarks do is fatten her campaign coffers through kickbacks from the special interests who win the earmarks. When career politicians each try to get their own piece of the pie, it is the taxpayers who are left with an empty plate - and the bill. Certainly, Rep. Kaptur's friends and campaign donors profit from her pork spending, but other companies don't get such preferential treatment and end up paying for their competitor's advantage.

"Rep. Kaptur should not be playing favorites with her contributors. She's supposed to be looking out for the best interests of ALL of her constituents - and their pocketbooks. It is time for Washington to quit picking the winners and the losers in our economy.

"Politicians like Marcy Kaptur, who've been in Washington so long that they actually think this sort of wasteful spending is a good thing, have brought our county to the edge of bankruptcy with a debt approaching $14 trillion. Now is the time to acknowledge that earmarks need to stop and that her so-called 'legislative priorities' are not the priorities of the taxpayers she's supposed to represent.

"Ohio's 9th Congressional District needs a businessman who understands that "eviscerating earmark reform and wasting taxpayers' money" (as the CAGW called it) is not the way to create economic growth in the district, the state or the nation.

"When I'm elected, I promise to end 'pay-to-play' corruption, and bring some real-world, common sense business experience to Capitol Hill."