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Boyce Supports Multi-Million Dollar Bond Deal to Fund Reward Program for Ohio’s Veterans

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce is supporting Ohio’s military veterans and their families by co-signing a multi-million dollar bond deal. The Ohio Public Facilities Commission (OPFC) issued the first $50 million of the $200 million in bond authorization to fund a veterans’ bonus program. Boyce is one of six members on the OPFC and serves as the commission’s treasurer.

“Ohio has a long history of rewarding military service that stretches back to World War I,” said Treasurer Boyce. “I am proud to honor the sacrifices of so many men and women.”

The bonus payments received overwhelming approval by voters in last November’s election. Boyce said that Ohioans recognized the need to show their appreciation for their service men and women.

Estimates show that 200,000 Ohio veterans qualify for compensation. Those who qualify must have served on active duty in the U.S. armed forces in the Persian Gulf (between August 2, 1990 and March 3, 1991), Afghanistan (from October 7, 2001) or Iraq (from March 19, 2003). The veteran is not required to have served overseas in any of the three combat zones to be eligible for the bonus.

Qualifying veterans are eligible to receive $50 for each month of active service (domestic or foreign) and $100 for each month of service in a combat zone during the specific periods of time. The maximum allowed for each eligible veteran is $1,500 ($1,000 for combat zone service and $500 for other service).

Surviving family members are eligible for the same compensation if the deceased veteran’s death was the result of injuries or illness sustained in one of the three combat zones. The family also is entitled to a survivor’s payment of $5,000.

The Ohio Department of Veterans Services (ODVS) will administer the program and is creating an application process for veterans and their families to apply for their bonus.