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Deceptive Democratic Ads Litter Voters’ Homes

GOP Pledges Honest Campaign Based on Voting Record, Challenges Counterparts to Join

COLUMBUS – House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder, OHROC Chairman Rep. Matt Huffman and Franklin County Chairman Doug Preisse today denounced the propaganda plagued with falsehoods about candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives being circulated throughout Ohio by the Democratic Party and supporters. Numerous pieces across Ohio have appeared and dishonestly reported that Republican candidates are responsible for the unfortunate oil well explosion that occurred earlier this year.

“I find it quite disturbing that the character attack of Matt Carle is based off the loss of 11 American lives,” said House Republican Leader Batchelder (R-Medina). “The fact remains that numerous attacks have been circulated throughout Franklin County and Ohio into voters' homes. The House Democrats and governor are misleading Ohioans with weak, short-sighted assumptions that smear an earnest candidates name. It is easy to understand that because this same party is responsible for the funding cut to libraries by $3.5 million in this county alone, we can be certain that this behavior will surface again.”

Matt Carle, candidate for the 20th Ohio House District, was joined by family, supporters, and his candidate colleagues. He expressed sincere sorrow that such a personal attack to the victims' families were used.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those lives lost,” said Carle. “I encourage my opponent, Nancy Garland, to join me in denouncing this attack.”

Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee Chairman Matt Huffman (R-Lima) stated that this marked nearly 10 House districts of what appears to be an ever-growing trend of blatant falsehoods charged by the Ohio Democratic Party and supporters. Mike Duffey, candidate for the 21st House District, has also been the subject of numerous false claims.

“This is what the Democrats are forced to campaign on, since their record only reflects funding cuts to vital resources like libraries and schools, particularly Catholic schools,” said Huffman. “These personal attacks are why the public hates politics and is why voters are upset with politicians in general. There is nothing else for the House Democrats to campaign on, especially since they are responsible for our state losing more than 200,000 jobs.”