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Coalition of Conservative Groups to Hold Get Out The Vote Rally at the Maumee Indoor Theater

Toledo, OH – 10/12/10 - A coalition of various local groups, including We-By-For, The Children of Liberty, Back to Basics and Perrysburg Patriots, will be holding a Get out the Vote Rally at the Maumee Indoor Theater (Conant and Anthony Wayne Trail) on Monday October 18th at 7pm. The purpose of this meeting is to mobilize voters to affect the 2010 elections in local, state and national races, including the 9th District Congressional race. Candidates have been invited to speak to voters. Speakers include Rick Bush, Barbara Sears, Tom Waniewski, Carolyn Eyre, Joe Pfeiffer, Rich Iott and Statewide candidates Ken Matesz (Governor), Charlie Earl (Secretary of State) and Robert Owen (Attorney General). “Whether the race is Federal, State or local, groups in the coalition and their members are concerned about the concentration of power in government and the unsustainable growth in spending at all levels, said Linda Bowyer. “As we gather with Patriots to hear from candidates, we hope voters will, in turn, inspire their families, friends and neighbors to vote on November 2nd in favor of candidates who share those concerns.”