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Marcy Kaptur: The Congresswoman With No Credibility (Part 2)

Monday night at the Toledo Free Press/Fox Toledo debate, Marcy Kaptur continued to
show the voters that she lacks credibility.

Matt Parker, campaign spokesman commented, "After 28 years in office, Marcy Kaptur
is having a hard time remembering the truth. It is embarrassing that she will say
just about anything without any regard whatsoever for the truth."

The issue: Paul Magliochetti, PMA Group, Campaign Finances

When questioned on why she has not returned the $143,000 in tainted campaign contributions, Marcy Kaptur made a defense that was not at all credible.

In March of 2009, Marcy Kaptur sent a letter to the FEC, saying that funds received from PMA group's PAC would be placed in escrow "until such time as the
FEC can render substantive guidance about the veracity of these media reports
to the hundreds of Democratic and Republican candidates PMA Group has
supported across several campaign cycles."

The letter to the FEC is very vague and does not even mention the dollar amount that Marcy Kaptur put into escrow. (Read Kaptur's letter to the FEC here)

At the debate Monday night, Marcy Kaptur claimed to be the only Member of Congress who did anything to address the dirty PMA Group money. When referencing her letter to the FEC, Kaptur said, "I don't know of a single other member of Congress that did that."


If Marcy Kaptur is truly looking to do the right thing, why is she waiting on the FEC to tell her what to do? The FEC has no responsibility to tell members of Congress how to be ethical. Also, why will Marcy Kaptur not tell us how much money is in escrow? It is well documented that she has received over $143,000 in dirty PMA money, yet she has not revealed what is exactly in the escrow account.

Finally, why doesn't Marcy Kaptur follow in the footsteps of her Democrat colleagues-- Zoe Lofgren and Carolyn McCarthy? Between the two of them, they have given back $60,000 in dirty money.
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Also, in answering a question about terms limits, which she opposes, Kaptur said that term limits would empower lobbyists and special interests even more. However, it appears that Kaptur enjoys the contributions of lobbyists and special interests despite railing against them.

Her most recent campaign finance report (July quarterly) shows that at least 96% of her itemized donations came from PACs, lobbyists or members of companies seeking earmarks from her. And shows that, in the 2010 election cycle, nearly three-fourths of her campaign donations come from outside the state of Ohio.
(Click here for the report)

Matt Parker commented, "Marcy Kaptur is disingenuous and voters must really question her credibility. She continues to avoid doing the right thing and returning the dirty money from convicted lobbyist pal Magliocchetti and even though she rails against lobbyists and special interests, campaign finance reports show she is bought and paid for by those same lobbyists.

Parker continued, "Marcy Kaptur said she is 'all her district has' in Washington and that she is fighting for them every single day. But the truth is, she is standing up for lobbyists and special interests instead of doing what is right for her constituents back home."

Despite the public's outcry to talk about the important issues facing our district, state, and nation, Marcy Kaptur continues to engage in a coordinated effort to assassinate Rich Iott's character.

Matt Parker commented, "In 2003, the same year that Rich Iott was part of a WWII
reenactment that is under fire from Rep. Kaptur, she said the following to the
Toledo Blade, 'one could say that Osama bin Laden and these non-nation-state fighters
with religious purpose are very similar to those kind of atypical revolutionaries
that helped to cast off the British crown.'

Matt Parker concluded, "If Marcy Kaptur wants to throw stones at Rich Iott, she
needs to realize she lives in a glass house. What she said in 2003 is very questionable
and controversial, and if she insists on making this race about personal character,
then Rich Iott has no intentions of losing that battle."