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Jeff Krabill Challenges Statements Made by Opponent Dennis Murray at Port Clinton Candidate Forum

Port Clinton, Ohio—Following a candidate forum featuring candidates for the 80th Ohio House District, Jeff Krabill cleared up misconceptions implied by incumbent Democrat Dennis Murray.
At the forum, Murray defended the use of one-time federal stimulus dollars in the state’s current education budget after Krabill pointed out how those very dollars had distorted school funding. However, Krabill also went on to point out that the Murray-supported Evidence Based Model could also have a devastating effect on school districts like Port Clinton and Danbury, causing them to lose a large portion of their current state funding support.
Foundation money is the basis of state funding to local school districts. “When Dennis claims he increased funding to schools, he is not being fully honest with his facts,” Krabill said, “Dennis and his cronies actually pulled state dollars out of the education budget and replaced them with one- time stimulus dollars.” To make it even worse, other stimulus dollars touted by Murray are restricted for use in Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Title programs. Dennis Murray’s politics-as-usual-approach to funding actually reduced state funding to 82 percent of the schools in the Erie/Ottawa County area.
“This fiscal shell game must be stopped. This use of stimulus funds is bankrupting our children and will seriously compound our ability to adequately fund our schools going forward.”
Ironically, later in the forum Dennis Murray recognized the struggles that our local schools have faced in passing tax increases to balance the budgets he has cut. During the forum Murray touted the need for more funding to implement the Evidence Based Model, “We will need a sustainable commitment in the state of Ohio to stay with that model and to fund it,” which implies that Ohio must increase taxes to fund this expensive and failing program. Murray went on to propose that inflation is in part to blame for school funding deficits, lending his support to a new type of school levy that will allow for taxes to be increased based on inflation without being put to a vote of taxpayers.
Murray also expressed support for Ohio’s “death tax” to plump up state government, even though many argue that it is driving Ohio residents and business owners to relocate to other states without a death tax. Jeff Krabill responded, “I am not surprised, because Dennis has a record supporting tax increases.”