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80-20 Ohio Chapters Endorsed Mr. Cordray for Attorney General in Ohio

The 80-20 Ohio Chapters of Asian Americans have decided to endorse Mr. Richard Cordray (D) but, have decided NOT to endorse Mr. Mike DeWine who did not reply to us by Oct 20. Mr. Cordray provided immediate affirmative written responses to 80-20’s five questions as follows:

1. If you are elected/re-elected to be the Ohio Attorney General this year, will you promote and ensure equal opportunities and equal justice for Asian Americans, and protect Asian-American rights (including fighting against discrimination or racism against Asian Americans in Ohio)?
2. If elected/re-elected, will you solicit and recommend to the appropriate appointing authorities qualified Asian Americans to boards of trustees for Ohio public universities and institutions of higher education, and report back to 80-20 and other Ohio Asian-American organizations, at the end of each year you serve in office, your progress with such recommendations for appointments?
3. If elected/re-elected, will you make it a top priority of your administration to break down barriers and hire, promote, and/or appoint more qualified Asian Americans for state government employment ?
4. If elected/re-elected, will you endeavor to actively enforce existing laws that require fair and open contract opportunities for Asian-American businesses?
5. If elected/re-elected, will you make it a top priority of your administration to hire and/or promote qualified Asian-American employees to executive and senior administrative or senior-managerial levels, thus breaking the glass ceiling for such Americans?

The mission of the 80-20 Ohio Chapters of Asian Americans (see website as follows: is the same as that of the parent (national) organization, 80-20 Initiative:, which is to win equal justice and opportunity for all Asian Pacific Americans (APAs). In execution, 80-20 Ohio Chapters focus on politics at the State and local levels, seeking to remove any political and institutional barriers that prevent Asian Americans in Ohio from enjoying equal justice and opportunity in workplaces to which all Americans are entitled.