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National Adoption Awareness Month event in Toledo on November 6th

Saturday, November 6, 2010 

2:00pm to 5:00pm 

Tickets $10.00 

My Brother’s Place 

316 Adams St, Toledo, OH 

(2nd Floor, Trinity Episcopal Church) 

Join the authors for a panel discussion, Q&A, 

dessert reception, and book signing. 

For more information or to reserve tickets, 

please call 1-800-246-1731. 

In celebration of National Adoption Month, authors Kevin Hofmann (Growing Up Black in White), 

Rhonda Roorda (In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories) and Ola Zuri (Why 

Can’t You Look Like Me?) will offer valuable insight to adoptive parents. The panel discussion will be 

followed by questions and answers, a dessert reception and book signing. Tickets are $10 and will 

benefit Adopt America Network’s adoption programs. Adopt America Network is a Toledo-based, 

national adoption charity helping children in U.S. foster care find permanent, loving families. 

Adoptee and author, Ola Zuri has written Why Can’t You Look 

Like Me and Where Do I Belong, which are the first two, of six, 

titles. These books open children up to having to deal with their 

feelings when they are unsure of how to feel. They offer a dis-

tinctly broader view of dealing with situations any child may ex-

perience, on the level of the child, and then emphasizes the role 

to actively teach, and encourage the child to believe in what is 

inside of himself/herself and not on what others may say or want 

for him/her. 

Rhonda Roorda was adopted into a white family and raised in the Washington, 

DC metropolitan area during the height of the Transracial Adoption controversy 

beginning in the early 1970s. She and Dr. Rita Simon collaborated on what 

would become the only trilogy of literature on Transracial Adoption to date: In 

Their Own Voices; In Their Parents' Voices; 

In Their Siblings' Voices. She travels throughout the country speaking with 

those interested in the adoption phenomenon and interracial reconcilia-

tion. Ms. Roorda works for an educational advocacy organization in 

Michigan where she and her husband reside. 

GROWING UP BLACK IN WHITE, is the poignant memoir of Kevin Hofmann; a 

mixed-race child adopted by a white family in Detroit during the country's 

turbulent times of racial unrest, and the joy of embracing his identity. We 

are also given a look into a family forced to withstand enormous pressure, 

and we share Hofmann's often humorous descriptions of how they made it 

through difficult times. Hofmann now lives with his wife and two sons in 

Toledo, Ohio.