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Unemployment Data Released – Plague Continues for Ohio’s 80th House District

Jeff Krabill, Candidate for the 80th Ohio House of Representatives Seat, Calls for a Better Job Environment in Ohio and He Can Make it Happen


Sandusky, Ohio - Jeff Krabill Candidate for Ohio’s 80th House district commented Thursday on recent unemployment data.
“Ohio has now seen 18 straight months of double-digit
unemployment rates, and this latest report shows the state lost more than 17,000 jobs in September alone.” Commenting further, Krabill noted, “Every month the number of people
unemployed grows, it is making an already difficult situation worse.” In August there were 15,400 jobs lost in Ohio. “I did the math. It wasn’t that hard to find that Ohio has lost more than 32,000 jobs in a 60-day period. Even worse the U-6 figure published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of people who have given up hope of finding a job has sky rocketed to 17.1%. This is .4 higher than just one month ago and higher than September a year ago,” Krabill said. “The government needs to take corrective action to encourage businesses to come to Ohio and the 80th District. As a state legislator I will do my part to bring jobs to Ohio by getting rid of harmful taxes and job killing regulations.”This Election will be about jobs. Krabill continued, “It is time for Ohio to adopt pro-growth, pro-jobs policies that will allow employers to once again begin to hire."

Jeff Krabill believes he has the right skills to bring jobs to Ohio. He points to his experiences in both private and public roles as testament to his ability to turn around Ohio.

Krabill said, “Remember, you can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and expect a different result. The time for a new direction is now. The time for public responsibility has arrived.”

30 years of successful private sector experience. Elected 3 times to Sandusky Board of Education. Helped save taxpayers over $36,000,000 as a school board member.


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