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Federal Salaries Added to Searchable Databases

COLUMBUS - The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions today released on its website the salary information for all federal workers in Ohio for the years 2008, 2009, and 2010. This information was added to the already available U.S. Postal Service worker data.

In 2010, over 5,858 Ohio federal workers earned salaries greater than or equal to $100,000, with several making over $350,000. Of government workers in Ohio who earn over $100,000, federal workers comprise nearly half of this group. The top 100 income earners among federal employees all work in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The median federal worker in Ohio earned just under $67,000 in 2010. Based on 2009 industry sector data, the average Ohio federal worker who made $65,000 earned 62 percent more than his average private sector neighbor who only made just over $40,000.

The federal salary database is one of eight searchable databases (state salary, teacher salary, higher ed salary, local salary, school data, county data, and state lobbyists) available on the Buckeye Institute's website. Since the website's launch on April 30, 2010, over 225,000 visitors from 486 Ohio cities, the 49 other states, and 119 foreign countries have conducted more than 1.7 million data searches.

Buckeye Institute President Matt A. Mayer stated: "With these high salaries, it is clear why President Barack Obama froze federal pay. It is time to revisit the compensation packages of our federal employees, especially in light of the national debt crisis. President Obama should consider instituting an across-the-board reduction to bring federal worker pay more in line with the rest of Ohio."

The Federal Salary data tool is available at