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Councilman Tom Waniewski's May 2011 Newsletter

Westside CSX Corridor
The CSX Toledo Terminal is a recently-abandoned corridor that stretches eleven miles from Laskey Rd. to Rossford. Naturally, a big chunk of that runs through this council district. I attended a meeting May 2nd for public officials to get a first look at the potential use of this corridor. The 1,700 property owners within 300 feet of the corridor will be receiving letters shortly discussing in greater detail so me of the history of this corridor and its purchase (It's been appraised at $6.5 million). This will include residents near Start, Close Park, and Ottawa Park. Your input is necessary for this corridor's success. It will become a major north-south trail. I'll keep you posted on any upcoming public meetings.

Foxglove Road Waterline
Construction will begin in June on a new eight inch waterline along Foxglove Road. The capable engineers of the city tell me the placement of the waterline will be down the center of the road and will NOT affect the trees. Foxglove will be closed to through traffic but local traffic will be maintained.

Construction will last two months. Foxglove residents should have received a letter from the city already as the construction may affect the water connection from the street shut off to your water meter.

If you have any questions, please call my office at 245-2050, and I will be happy to help you.

Bulk Drop Off IV
I will be having another bulk refuse drop off. This one will be Saturday, May 21st from 10 a.m. to noon just in time for spring clean up. This is my fourth bulk drop off in the district in the last two years. No other councilman provides this service. I have yet to finalize the location. I will send the location in a separate newsletter update in the coming days, but I wanted you to reserve the date if you're planning any major outdoor projects.

Additionally, you can drop off yard waste, including large branches, leaves, and grass clippings for free at Toledo Topsoil & Mulch at 5315 Stickney weekdays from 8am to 5pm or Saturday from 8am to 2pm.

Comp Time for City Workers
Regular readers of my newsletter know of my passion for facts and figures when the bottom line affects you. And when it comes to being a watchdog for giving taxpayers their money's worth, I offer these statistics: Comp time earned in previous years for police officers and paid in the first quarter of 2011 = $583,576. Comp time earned in previous years for fire fighters and paid in the first quarter of 2011 = $1,860,227.

Obnoxious Road Signs
I get thoroughly disgusted with those cheap plastic signs that are posted by businesses in the public right of way. If you're a reputable business, then you don't have to resort to this public littering. So I did some research and found that the Toledo Municipal Code Ch. 13 is intended to keep those gosh-awful signs out of sight.

Two building inspectors are to enforce the law. But the enforcement generally only comes when someone calls to complain. Violators are notified by mail then cited for non-compliance after 72 hours. We're working to get a third inspector who will devote his/her time to identifying sign code violations. I'm not interested in penalizing the reputable business people who want to advertise their products and services, but this roadway litter has to stop.

Congratulations Knights - State Champs

The St. Francis de Sales state champion hockey team, lead by coach Brian Kinsella (center behind framed resolution), stopped by council chambers to accept a resolution from council and the mayor for their thrilling overtime victory in Columbus to win the state championship. Congrats Knights.

Spring in D. 5
I've been driving around District 5 enjoying the new life of spring in the neighborhoods. Above, the sun was setting on the blooms on Kenwood Boulevard. The boulevards are planted and cared for by the residents along Kenwood.

Things I Find Interesting...
Regular readers of my newsletter know that I pick up bits of information while holding committee meetings or working with staff and/or constituents on projects. Here's my latest batch of trivia:

Recyclables are a commodity. For the first seven months of 201 the city OWED $282,978 to the company that takes our recyclables. Since August, and through the first quarter of 2011 Toledo was CREDITED with $148,824.

In 2010, Toledo Municipal Court judges were assigned 21,264 criminal/traffic cases. That was about 900 less than 2009.

The Vietnam War had 766 POW's. World War II had 124,079.

UT has 4,300 beds on campus. 3,600 are designated for freshmen.
Welcome Linda
The city has a new executive director of the Board of Community Relations. Her name is Linda Alvarado. The board works with the community on a variety of issues with the intent to make neighborhoods "harmonious," according to their mission statement. If you're interested in having Linda speak to your group or Block Watch, call her office at 245-1565.


Refuse Maps
I had new business cards made up, and they unfold to reveal the remaining months of the leap forward refuse schedule. Please make sure the next time you see me to ask for one. I usually carry a bunch in my wallet. If you have a block watch or other organization, I'd be happy to get several hands full to you.