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VIDEO: It’s Only May, But Fireworks Flying In GOP Primary

COLUMBUS, OHIO – National Republicans have a problem. Unable to find a top tier challenger against Senator Sherrod Brown, the GOP field in Ohio is growing…larger, more vocal, and more chaotic.
From Kevin Coughlin’s not so pleasant handicapping of Josh Mandel’s chances, to Ken Blackwell’s testy back and forth w/ the Republican Party chairman, the past month has been one that Republicans in both D.C. and Ohio would like to forget.
In a new web video released by the Ohio Democratic Party, we take a look at recent developments in what’s becoming an increasingly messy primary for the Republicans.
“Kevin Coughlin, Josh Mandel, and Ken Blackwell are finding it’s much easier to take shots at each other than to explain their positions on dangerous schemes that undermine middle class Ohioans and dismantle Medicare,” said Ohio Democratic Party press secretary Justin Barasky. “Now D.C. Republicans are forced to look at Ohio and shake their heads as they find themselves with a slate of candidates engaging in an uncomfortable primary fight that they were hoping to avoid.”


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