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Bill for Superman License Plates Makes Way to Senate

H.B. 339 Continues movement Through Legislative Process Upon Passing in the House

COLUMBUS—Yesterday afternoon, State Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) announced the passing of H.B. 339 through the House. The bill was unanimously passed out of committee in early March, and has continued movement through the legislature. Rep. Patmon, who introduced H.B. 339, provided sponsor testimony on the bill to honor the creators of Superman with Superman-themed Ohio license plates.

“This legislation is, and always has been, about heroism, support, strength and caring for our fellow man, woman or child” Rep. Patmon said of the recently passed bill.

The license plates will be designed to commemorate Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the two men responsible for the original interpretation of Superman in comics. The humble beginnings of Superman began with two young Jewish-American gentlemen in the years shortly before World War II. Since then, the young men and their creation have been recognized throughout the world for the birth of the world’s most famous super hero, and the only one with roots in Ohio.
The license plates will be inscribed with the words “Ohio, Birthplace of Superman” and will be marked with a design selected by the entity that owns Superman’s name. The license plates will also bear county identification stickers. The license plate will now move to the Senate.