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University of Toledo ROTC to use Jermain Meadow for training

This is not an invasion - It is our local ROTC training

If residents of our area notice uniformed personnel wearing helmets and carrying rifles on Thursday, March 13th and Thursday March 20th from the hours of 2pm to 6pm there is no cause for alarm.

The University of Toledo's ROTC program will be utilizing Jermain Meadow, a 40 acre parcel bordered by Monroe Street, 1-475, North Cove and the Ottawa River for training purposes on Thursday, March 13th and Thursday, March 20th.

On March 13th, approximately 80 cadets will be performing platoon missions in uniform and with dummy M16 rifles; on March 20th approximately 50 cadets will be performing squad missions in uniform with dummy M16 rifles. There will be no firing of blanks or live ammunition during these training exercises.

"This is a great opportunity for the University's ROTC to train close to home and to take advantage of the natural features of the meadow and wooded areas of Jermain Meadow," said Dennis Garvin, Commissioner of Toledo's Parks, Recreation & Forestry Division. "Previously they had to travel outside of our city limits to be able to practice drill."

Future practice missions are anticipated, public notice will be given prior to each training date. This partnership allowing park usage to train the future officers of the U.S. Army is just one of the examples of the type of cooperation that exists between the City of Toledo and the University of Toledo.

"I am glad we could provide assistance as it relates to providing a great training spot for these young men and women who are dedicated to serving our nation," stated Mayor D. Michael Collins.

Media and the general public are invited to watch from a distance but are asked to not to interfere with the training sessions.