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Ohio House Passes Bill to Improve School Safety Measures

COLUMBUS—Today, the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation to integrate school safety drills into the existing requirements for fire drills.

Specifically, House Bill 178:

Requires the principal or director of each public or private school to hold six fire drills (instead of the current nine drills per year) and four safety drills in alternating months each year.
Adds rapid evacuation procedures to school safety drills.
Requires three safety drills and one “theoretical” safety drill per school year.
Requires nine fire drills in buildings without smoke detectors.
Requires a school official's certification to include the date and time for each safety drill that was conducted during the previous school year and for each drill to be conducted during the current school year.
Amendment was added to require schools without sprinkler systems or smoke detection systems to continue to conduct fire drills (or rapid dismissal drills) at least nine times per year in accordance with rules adopted by the state fire marshal.