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State Central Committee Candidate Bill Delaney attends Constitution workshop at Sanger Library. Stainbrook no where to be found

Who: Bill Delaney, GOP State Central Committee Candidate

What: Bill Delaney attends Constitution workshop at Sanger Library

TOLEDO,OH- A small group of conservatives took advantage of a Constitution workshop conducted by Burt Wolf at the Sanger Library last night.

Mr Wolf conducted a “hands on” forum that initiated group discussion on founding documents, how the constitution interacts with the different branchs of Government, and the highlight of tonight’s presentation, the impact lawmakers can have on property rights..

Mr Delaney offered up his experience on the invasion of property rights by talking about how the “Smoking Ban” laws hurt his business and what steps he’s been taking to fight unlawful intrusions into the rights of everyday citizens.

Mr Delaney said:

“I’ve been working with business owners and associations around Toledo addressing the onslaught of new rules and regulations that the governments keep piling on.”

“Toledo has been suffering from years of declining jobs and high unemployment. Sadly, instead of hiring a cook, a machinist, carpenter, or plumber, business find they need to hire a “Compliance Officer” who knows all the ins and outs of the rules and laws that are a stranglehold on Ohio’s business”

“This problem is directly related to the weak Republican party infrastructure in Toledo and Lucas County. The current leader has no experience in business and does not work interactively in the community. Leadership needs to lead, take an active role in the community, find out what the needs of the Republican Business owners are, what needs to be done to clear these obstacles, and ensure that the Party offers up and supports candidates who
can help solve these problems.”

“Strong leadership needs to be restored to the Republican party in Lucas County. I intend to do this at the State level as your State Central Committee member, and at the county level during the Precinct meeting in May when I will be nominated at the county party Chairman. “