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Threat of frozen pipes no longer exists

The Department of Public Utilities advises that citizens who have been running their water to prevent frozen water pipes during frigid temperatures may now discontinue the practice.

There is no longer a need to run water to prevent frozen water pipes in homes. Warmer temperatures have made it unlikely that pipes will freeze again until next winter arrives. This year the Department of Public Utilities made a strong effort to inform customer of ways to prevent the loss of water services by providing graphic information about insulating pipes, disconnecting yard hoses, and opening cabinets to allow warmer air to circulate into cabinets with plumbing on exterior walls, for example.

Despite the public relations effort, some 400 households experienced frozen water services which required DPU field personnel to thaw water services and in some cases, replace frozen water meters. Customers were advised to run a pencil-lead sized trickle of water from a faucet to prevent their lines from freezing, noting that the cost of doing so was far less than costly plumbing repairs and the inconvenience of being without water.

The City of Toledo advises residents to remember this difficult winter over the upcoming summer months and make plans to insulate all water pipes from cold moving air and fill cracks around doors and windows to eliminate drafts in order to be well-prepared for next year.