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Joe Celusta to discuss plan for The Clarion Hotel in The Southwyck Solution

TOLEDO, OH— City council has it wrong! First they are using tax payers dollars to play games with the local economy and second they are using them poorly.

I believe the same as many city council members that the old Clarion Hotel property needs to be rehabbed however I very much disagree with spending nearly a million dollars to tear down a perfectly sound building, spending money to destroy instead of create. especially when the million dollars could go to fix up main streets like Detroit or side streets like Escott. This Friday I will be presenting a plan like no other, that is completely unique. Instead of using the firehouse filled with oil that is of government spending to put out the fire, my plan will be using the water of life to the economy that is free market commonsense so that the area will be improved along with the city's budget.

Please Join me today at 11am in front of the former Clarion hotel to hear my plan for the building and see why I am the commonsense candidate for district 2.

Friday, May 2nd 2014 (today)
11 a.m.

In front of the former Clarion hotel
2340 South Reynolds Rd

Joe Celusta, Republican District 2 candidate

For more information contact Joe Celusta at